How to Add Websites and Zones

From the Website tab you will have to 2 options

1. Add a New website and Zone 
2. Edit / Manage Website and Zones    


Adding Website  

To add a New Website follow the steps below :

1. Click on  from the website tab

2. Choose your traffic source

You can choose to receive Banner display advertising Traffic or Popunder directed traffic. 
Select one and click continue

Note : Only 1 traffic source can be selected when setting up a new website.
If you would like to run both Banners and Popunders for a website click   for more information on how to set this up. 


3. Add Website Details

Suggestion : Keep a consistent naming convention, this will help you keep track of multiple creations of the same website running different Traffic Sources Eg. 1.MySite_Banners 2.MySite_Poupunders.    

Adding Zone

Adding Zones

Click on to add a Zone for your Website. 

You will be prompted to select a Zone Type. Chose from a selection of 5 available types : Text, Leaderboard, Rectangle, Feature, Leaderboard with adhesion.

You will be prompted with a pre filled summery of the new Zone you are creating. If you wish to update any information you may do so. In order to help the naming convention as part of common practice the system will by default add the Zone type at the end of the name.

  • Name - Keep a consistent naming convention 
  • Description - Keep a consistent naming convention
  • Location - Choose the position the banner will sit for this zone.

Note : Once created only the Name and Description will be editable for this Zone.


2. You have now successfully created a new Zone and have the ability to add Exclusion Rules. Review your Zone Properties and update any amendments.

IMPORTANT - New Zones can take up to 2 hours to become active.  

To learn more about Exclusion Rules and how to optimise them for your
individual zones Click

You will now notice your Banner Code has been generated which you can paste into your webpage. To learn more about your Banner Code Click    




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