Campaign Targeting

To help you maximise revenue on your advertising campaigns you have the ability to manage : Who, Where & How you target your campaigns.  

You will have the opportunity to select your targeting preferences once you start creating your campaign alternatively you can adjust targeting for an existing campaign  

You will have the option to select from the following targeting zones:

1. Geo
2. Network
3. Handset
4. Time
5. Remarketing


1. Geo: We cover a wide range of countries in which you can target, our top Geo’s Include India, USA, United Kingdom. 
Note : Only 1 Geo per campaign can be selected if multiple Geo’s are required then multiple campaigns must be created.

2. Network :

  • Any - Giving a greater pull of targets.
  • Wifi Only - Restricting all Mobile carriers.
  • Filter by Carrier - Depending on the Geo you may choose to target or exclude selected carriers.
  • Filter by IP Address - If you know specific group of IP address you would like to target or exclude

3. Handset :

  • Operating System - Choose to target or exclude specific mobile operating system     
  • Manufacturer - If you wish you may target or exclude specific mobile devices
  • Device Type - Mobile Phones; Tablets; or both.
  • Browser - Select or exclude specific browser

4. Time : You can choose target specific day and time frames, for example you may only want to target users on weekends between the times of 9am to 5pm. Note: All Times are based on UTC  

5. Remarketing : Have the ability to re-target users that previously failed to convert on your site. To learn more on how this works click. 

Note :
By creating filters within each category you ultimately run the risk of limiting your target audience, hence affecting your total revenue gained. It is also important to remember the minimum bid is likely to increase if additional targeting is applied     

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