How to Create a Campaign

If this is the first time you are creating campaigns, you must first create a New Campaign Group in which to add your New Campaigns 

To learn more about creating new Campaign Groups click


If you have already created your campaign group you can find a detailed guide to adding new Campaigns to your Campaign Groups.   

You can create a new Campaign within a Campaign Group by clicking on the on the desired Campaign Group.


Next: Select the traffic source you wish to receive: Banner, Popunder or Pop Exchange.

If your Campaign group is already setup to run banners, this option will be bypassed.


Next: Proceed fill out the details of the campaign:

Basic Info

1. Campaign Name: Use some of the information about the campaign to create a clear naming convention. Best practice is to use the Product Category, targeted Geo and bid for example 'VOD Mexico CPC

2. Product Type: Select what will best represent your product landing page.

3. Date: Choose your start and end dates.


1. Geo Targeting: Select your desired Geo where your advertisements will appear
Note: only one Geo can be selected. If you would like to target multiple Geo's you can simply create multiple campaigns. To To learn more about Campaign Targeting click

2. Network: Select the connectivity of how the campaign can be viewed.

3. Handset: Limit the devices the campaign will run on. Remember this may result in Limiting the number of viewers.

4. Time:
How long and what days

5. Remarketing: This gives you the ability to re-target users that previously failed to convert on your site. To learn more on how this works click


1. Revenue Type: Choose from CPC and CPM
2. Default CPC/CPM: The default bid applied to the banners
3. Daily Limits: Type, Targets, Pacing

Note : You can always use the to see how competitive your bid is.  

Once you are happy with your setup go ahead and . An option to Add Banner will now be available in this campaign.
For more Help on how to Add Banners click


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