Financials / Payment



All Pre-pay account holders will be able to manage their financials through the Dashboard. If you are a Post-pay account holder you may contact your Account Manager for further details. 

In the Financials section menu, select from 4 options (subject to account status)

1. Payment Details 
2. Make Payment
3. Allocate Funds
4. Payment History
5. Invoice History
6. Transfer Credit (Only available if you have a publisher account)   

1. Payment Details :  

You can update your payment details form this location. This may be your wire transfer details Paypal or Paxum 

2. Make Payment :

  • Payment method (PayPal 4% Fee, Credit Card 2% Fee over $1000 , Paxum No Fee, Wire Transfer No Fee)
  • Leave a Reference (optional)
  • Enter transaction amount (credit card/Paypal fee 2% for spending over £1000, Paxum no fees)


3. Allocate Funds : Select the campaigns you would like to make a payment against in the box ‘Campaign Groups’ enter the amount you would like to pay for each campaign  


4. Payment History : View all history of transactions.

5. Invoice History :
View all history of Invoices.

6. Transfer Credit 

You will now have the ability to Transfer any earning you have generated from your publisher account directly to your advertiser account. 


Note : Payment terms and conditions still apply and transfer requests may be rejected if funds are not available on this date.

*Minimum $100 

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