In the Advertisers section menu select from 3 options

1. Manage Campaigns
2. Manage Creatives
3. Manage Remarketing


1. Manage Campaign : This will show a general overview of the Campaign Groups that you have created. From here you can :

  • See the status of your Campaign Group : This will indicate if a group is Active, Budget/cap exceeded, Paused Inactive or Empty. For more Information about the Status click find-out-more-bt.png  
  • See the Network the Campaigns are running in : This will show only the Networks you are concerned with.
  • Create New Campaign Group : Select Selection_668.png to create New Campaigns Groups. 
  • Create New Campaign within a Campaign Group :  Select IM_04.png to create New Campaigns.

    You may also notice a small
    Selection_670.png symbol next to a campaign group. This indicates that 1 or more campaigns have been flagged as Non - Compliant and have been stopped by our compliance team. For further information on what the issue maybe, please contact or Chat Live with a member of the team, using the online chat window.

You can also find-out-more-bt.png on the status of campaigns and campaign groups 


  • Drill into a Campaign Group Name : Select a Campaign Group Name and View/Edit details regarding that Campaign Group. You will also be able to create a New Campaign. 
    Note : Campaigns are created within Campaign Groups


    • Properties : This tab gives you the summary of the current Campaign Group settings. From here you will be able to edit the naming conversion of the Campaign and request to enable reconciliation tracking (reconciliation tracking enables us investigate discrepancy in stats).

    • Campaigns
      Create New Campaign :
      Select  to create a New Campaign.
    • Balance : This will appear once you have allocated funds to the campaign, and will allow you to set up a Auto Low Balance Reload  

    • Email Alerts : Specify what helpful email alert updates you would like to receive via your account email ID (please ensure your email ID is valid so that we can contact you when required) 

    • Label : Use Labels to organise your Campaign Groups. This can help if you have multiple account managers working on your accounts as you can allocate Labels to different Campaign Groups to help you efficiently manage and monitor the activity of your team. 

      Using Labels can also help to organise old Campaign Groups no longer in use, although any 'inactive' Campaign Groups will be hidden by default and can be view again by clicking 'show inactive' at the Campaign Group level (as below).


2. Manage Creatives : Upload creative to your personal library, once approved you'll be able to select them for new and current banners.  


3. Manage Remarketing : This gives you the ability to re-target users that previously failed to convert on your site. To learn more on how this works click  



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