Adding Banners to your Creative Library


Uploading all your banners to your Creative Library and then adding them directly into campaigns means they can go live straight away. Banners in your creative library only have to be approved once where as new banners uploaded into a campaign will always require approval before the campaign can go live.

To add banners to your campaign follow the steps below:

1. On your Dashboard, click on Campaigns, then select Manage Creatives. This will show any previously added banners with the option to add more. 


2. Click on   to continue to build/upload a banner to your campaign. Select the banner format you would like from the drop down option,  We support 4 different sizes : 

  • Regular Banner (320x50)
  • Featurephone LeaderBoard (300x75)
  • Smartphone LeaderBoard (300x100)
  • Smartphone Rectangle (300x250)

For maximum campaign performance, ensure banners comply with Banner Compliance


3. Once you have selected a format size upload your creative by simply dropping your image in the “Drag and Drop Files” icon, or selecting the paper clip icon.

Note: Creative must have the exact dimensions as the template size. 


4. Once the creative has been successfully selected, you can upload the Banner with an option to add more creatives, by checking the "Add Another" tick box. a further 3 optional Featurephone banners are also available.
Note: only required when targeting non smartphones.


5. Once you have uploaded your chosen creatives and created your banner, navigate back to Manage Creatives section. You will now see the new banner(s) added available and in pending.


Note: All creatives will pass through a compliance check in order for them to be approved. They must all adhere to Reporo's Banner Compliance guidelines, included but not limited to: banners must be within the 300kb weight limit; banners must have an image, text and logo or branding.







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