Using Campaign Groups to manage access to multiple Users

If you have multiple users for your account and you need to differentiate between them to track team performance and allocate separate budgets, you can manage this through Campaign Groups. 
Note: you cannot create multiple accounts for the same company. Only Funds can be added to the Company. To set up multiple Companies they must all have different billing information.

How it works

For each user logging into the account we can enable or disable their visibility to different campaign groups, so we can restrict users/teams from seeing each other's Campaign Groups or using any of the budget allocated to each others Campaign Groups. For example:

User A :
User B :

Campaign Visibility
  User A User B
(#1234) Campaign Group - Team A - 1 x
(#1235) Campaign Group - Team A - 2 x
(#1236) Campaign Group - Team A - 3 x
(#1255) Campaign Group - Team B - 1 x  ✔
(#1256) Campaign Group - Team B - 2 x  ✔
(#1257) Campaign Group - Team B - 3 x  ✔
(#1260) Campaign Group - ALL Teams  ✔

When you're logged in and adding new funds, simply allocate these funds to your campaign groups and the other users/departments logging into the account won't be able to access this.

How to set it up

To add new users to your account and manage their visibility of Campaign Groups, simply create a Troubleshooting ticket (screenshot below) from within your client dashboard and submit the following information:

  1. User name + user email
  2. List of all Campaign Group ID's (number and name) that the user needs to have visibility of.


  • All users are given visibility of all Campaign Groups as default.
  • All new Campaign Groups are visible to all users as default.

Submitting support tickets from your client dashboard:






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