Campaign Group Balance - Auto Low Balance Reload

On Pre-Pay accounts when a Campaign Group budget has been fully spent the Campaign Group will automatically become inactive until further funds are added.

To avoid this inactivity on Campaigns you activate the automatic 'Low Balance Reload' on the Budget Tab in the Campaign Group settings.

To enable this feature, follow these simple steps:

1. Log into the Reporo client dashboard

2. In the top toolbar select Campaigns -> Manage Campaigns

3.  Select the Campaign Group you want to activate the Low Balance Auto Reload in

4. Under the Balance Tab enter the fund parameters ($) that you would like to upload to the Campaign when the balance goes below a certain amount in the boxes 'Load balance with' and 'When my balance goes below'. Then click 'Update & Turn On'.

For example, set the Low Balance Reload to load $50 to the Campaign when the balance goes below $50, this will ensure that the Campaign remains active and does not suffer inactivity due to a lack of budget.

 You can switch this feature off at anytime under the same 'Balance' tab by switching 'Auto Reload' OFF.




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