Traffic Deals

Traffic Deals is a new functionality available in the Reporo Client Dashboard that allows advertisers to set up campaigns exclusively targeting one specific site and ad format.

To use this functionality, check out the latest Traffic Deals by following these simple steps:

1. Login to the Reporo Client Dashboard

2. Select 'Traffic Deals Tab'
This will load the list of currently available Traffic Deals with corresponding stats for each site including Daily Impressions and Average CPM.

Note: The Avg. CPM ($) is calculated on a global average however this will change depending on the level of targeting in the campaign set up (i.e. Geo, Carrier, Handset etc). See example below for further details.

3. View the available deals from the list, alternatively:
- search for a particular deal by entering the site name in the 'Name' search bar and click 'Search Deals',
- filter the deals by preferred ad format by selecting the ad format from the dropdown list and click 'Search Deals'.

4. Hovering over the site name will load a brief description of the site and clicking on the site name will redirect you to the site itself.


Example - setting up a Traffic Deal on Pornhub Footer

1. Click 'Buy Now' button on the same line as Pornhub Footer. Note: Global average CPC ($) is 0.1784

2. This takes you to the Manage Campaigns Page. Either select the Campaign Group you wish to set up the Traffic Deal Campaign under, or create a new Campaign Group (recommended). Click Continue.

3. This will take you to the 'Basic Info' tab - enter the Campaign information (Name, Product Type, Start and End date) and click Continue.

4. On the next tab 'Targeting' enter the preferred targeting for the Campaign, for example the geo, carrier and device. Click Continue.

5. On the next tab 'Budget' the new default CPM ($) (0.0432) for the selected profile of traffic (in this example: Brazil, Claro, Phone only on Pornhub Footer Traffic Deal) will be displayed. Use the Bid Checker tool to see how competitive the bid is and adjust as desired. You can also set Daily Spend limits in this tab. Click Continue.

6. The next tab 'Review' displays the overview of the Campaign settings, including the new CPM. If you don't wish to proceed with activating the Campaign simply exit the page, if not click Save Campaign.

7. On the next page 'Campaign Properties' you will be prompted to add banners to the Campaign. Either upload your own banners or use the Reporo Banner Library to complete your Traffic Deals Campaign creation!
Note: If the Campaign does not have any banners it will effectively be inactive and will not receive any traffic. 


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