Passing Tracking Tokens

Reporo offers clients the ability to provide certain information with each click by passing Tracking Tokens.

Available parameters (tokens) include:

- {rcid} : this appends the conversion tokens to be used for conversion tracking
- {repBannerid} : this tracks the unique ad creative ID
- {repCampaignid} : this tracks the unique campaign ID
- {repZoneid} : this tracks the unique zone ID
- {repAliasid} : this tracks the Zone Sub ID

- {repCpc} : this tracks the unique bid ID
- {repRandom} : To substitute a randomly generated value associated with this click. This is in-order to have compatibility from the buzzcity platform

- {repUnique} : To substitute the unique clickcode value associated with this click
- {repTimestamp} :To substitute an unix time value associated with this click 

To use this functionality, login to the Reporo Client Dashboard and set the parameters you wish to use within the click URL by following these simple steps:

1. Login to the Reporo Client Dashboard

2. Select 'Manage Campaigns' from the 'Campaigns' dropdown menu

3. Select 'Campaign Group' that contains the Campaign you wish to add Tokens to

4. Select the appropriate Campaign

5. Select the Banner that you wish to add the Tokens to - this will load the Banner properties view

6. Edit the Banner Ad Destination URL (or enter the new click URL if creating a new banner) by selecting the preferred Tokens

7. Place your text cursor at the exact point you wish to enter each Token then click on the appropriate Token from the list below the Destination URL as below.


The tokens will then contain the corresponding parameter information when the click URL is received.


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