Campaign Bid Adjustments

Changing Bids via the Client Dashboard

All Reporo Advertisers have the ability to change their CPC and CPM campaign bids via the Reporo Client Dashboard. The only caveat to this is Remnant Traffic campaigns or special promotional campaigns agreed with an Account Manager.

There are several places on the Dashboard update bids. Default campaign bids and Custom banner bids can be changed within the Campaigns tab which you can find on the main Dashboard Toolbar.

To change a campaign bid please follow these steps:

  1. Select Campaigns tab -> Manage Campaigns
  2. Select the Campaign Group containing the Campaign

Changing bids -> Campaign Group 

This is the first and easiest place to will be able to change a Campaign Bid. This view displays a list of all active and inactive campaigns within the Campaign Group. Alongside each Campaign the default bid is displayed and the option to update both CPC and CPM campaign bids as seen below.

Changing bids -> Campaign Properties

You also have the ability to change the Campaign bid under the Campaign Properties view as seen below.

Changing bids -> Banner specific

On a Banner Campaign you can also change the bid for each individual banner based on its performance. For example, if a particular banner is converting very well you can increase the bid for this banner to increase traffic volumes to this specific banner. You can change the Banner Bid by selecting the Banner within the Campaign Properties which takes you to the page below where you can change the Bid.

Please Note: we encourage clients to use the Bid Checker when changing CPC or CPM bids. Reducing your Bid will always result in a reduction in traffic volumes.

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