Traffic Source Optimisation

Traffic Source Optimisation Guide

Reporo offers clients the ability to optimise campaigns by Traffic Source by allowing bids to either be adjusted at the source or blocked altogether. This can be done at both the Publisher and Zone level which is shown in reports as Website and Zone ID (as seen below).


You can optimise campaigns by Traffic Source by following these steps:

  1. Login to Client Dashboard
  2. Select the ‘Reports’ Tab
  3. Select the ‘Campaign Group’ that contains the campaign you would like to optimise

  4. Select the campaign you would like to optimise

  5. Select the Tab ‘Traffic Sources’

Once you are viewing the statistics by Traffic Source you can start optimising your campaign. 

We recommend:

  • adjusting the bid per Traffic Source to bring you within your CPA goal.

    Note: decreasing the bids for traffic sources that are not meeting your CPA goals will also reduce traffic from that source.

  • increase the bid for all Traffic Sources where the CPA is below your goal as this will increase traffic from these sources. 

    Note: you can block Traffic Sources completely if they are not providing conversions

  • expand each website to optimise at the zone level as shown below: 

For other support articles and and recommendations visit Optimisation.

Traffic Source Optimisation Tool Tutorial

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