In this section you can track individual performance of your campaigns. Using the calendar facility (top right blue box) you can select the date range of data you would like to see displayed across the graphs, reports and data.


Graphical representation of data on overall clicks & impressions relative to spending. 

Highlights geographical distribution of impressions, clicks and spending.

Default graph displays information about all campaign groups. Clicking on a campaign name (displayed underneath the graph in ‘data’) will graphically display information for that specific campaign only.



You can drill in further to all of the data to show more in depth statistics for a particular campaign, banner, date or hour and then the Geo distribution for that data set. At any point you can click to download the data as a CSV file.


Campaign groups

Provides performance data per Campaign Group. By clicking on a Campaign Group you can drill in further to display graphical and statistical data specific to that Campaign Group and then drill in further to display the same information for one particular Campaign or one particular banner (for banner campaigns).

Specific Campaign Group stats

Specific Campaign stats


Provides date specific information about spend, impressions, clicks and conversions. By clicking on a date you can drill in further to display graphical and statistical data specific to that particular day broken down by hour.

Date specific stats

Hour specific stats



Provides country specific information according to impressions, clicks, spend and conversions across all Campaign Groups. You can also drill in further to Geo distribution from within any Campaign Group, Campaign, Date or Hour.

Campaign specific Geo distribution








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