Content Strength Level 2 : Glam

Content Level 2 - Glam

Content Level 2 permits topless nudity and content of an adult nature including male enhancements, however it restricts the promotion of the following:

Images, including animations, depicting:

  • full nudity and/or genitalia:
    no erect or semi erect penis, exposed or semi exposed or covered; 
  • sexual acts, including but not limited to, penetration and masturbation;
  • phallic symbols or sex toys;
  • cunnilingus, fellatio and/or touching the crotch or breast area; biting or kissing any part of the body;
  • body parts only (i.e. without the head-shot)
  • sexually suggestive poses (such as, but not limited to, contact with breasts, or any hand contact with pubic area and genitalia, open or spread legs that show the groin to the view of the camera);
  • offensive, strong language, swear-words or language of a sexual nature
    Not permitted: filthy, horny, pussy, dirty, slut, porn, XXX
    Suggested alternatives: naughty, sexy, babes

Reporo does not permit on any Content Level:

  • content or behaviour that breaches Reporo's Content Restrictions & Compliance Policies.
  • Illegal content or content that breaches the local laws and regulations of the countries in which the banner and/or campaign will be displayed/served.

Examples - Dating Sites


Examples - Adult Chat




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