Product Remarketing

Reporo Remarketing gives you the ability to re-target users that previously failed to convert on your site.

Using Remarketing is very simple, all you need to do is insert a few Product Tags on the relevant pages within your sites, as explained below.

Product tags

We use Product Tags to notify Reporo which pages the user is visiting in real-time. In practical terms, a Product Tag is an image tag that you insert in relevant pages in your website.
The product tags have the following format:

<img src:"//" />

The Product Tag is built using a unique identifier and some text that will help you target the users in the future. You can find and build this tag via your Dashboard, by clicking on Campaigns >> Manage Remarketing, and click  Selection_440.png

Instantly your code will be generated ready for implementation.


Pages for Product Tags

Generally we recommend inserting Product Tags in all your product pages and subsequent pages during the users' checkout/subscription flow. We have provided examples that will help you create the correct tags for the different scenarios.

Our Product Tags can easily be customised and offer great flexibility, if you are unsure how to use them or have particular requirements, please contact your Account Manager or submit a support ticket from within your client dashboard.


Promoting one product

If you have one product that you promote, we recommend using the following tag format:

<img src:"//" />

Promoting different products in different categories

If you have different products in different categories and you want to target your users in future based on these, we recommend using the following tag format:

<img src:"//" />

In this scenario, cat01 will change based on your different product categories and prod01 will change for each product within those categories.

These Product Tags should be placed on all product pages.


Promoting a subscription service

During sign up, you will likely have more than one page in the subscription/payment flow, for example:

For this flow, we advise using the following tag format:

Product page


Subscription form page

<img src:"//" />

Payment page

<img src:"//" />

Confirmation page

<img src:"//*" /> 

As you can see, the Product Tags are very powerful and the combinations will give you a wide range of options. If you require more information, please let us know, we are happy to help.

Example : Advertiser Remarketing - Registration Page

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