Campaign Properties

This section provides information on updating and setting your Campaign Group and Individual Campaign Properties.


By clicking on one of the Campaign Groups you will be taken to the properties page of that Campaign Group. From here you can update:

Campaign Group name - It is advised to keep your naming conventions consistent

Daily Debit Limit - This will affect every campaign within the Campaign Group

Conversion Tracking - For more information about conversion tracking click  



You can also gain access to individual campaign properties by clicking on one of your campaigns.

Selection_694.pngFrom here you can make updates to your individual campaigns.


Campaign Name - It is advised to keep your naming conventions consistent  

Daily Deliver Limit -
This can be set to Unlimited or a Spend amount of your choice. It is important to remember. If a Daily Debit Limit has been set on the Campaign Group, the Daily Deliver Limit of the individual campaign will not exceed that amount.

Pacing - Chose to have a balanced run of the campaign over the course of 24 hours or run as fast as possible.

Default CPM - Update our bid value to help increase traffic volumes.

Activation Date - Activate immediately or set a specific date

You can also view all the banners associated to the campaign, and update / modify their URL.






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