Campaign Group basic properties

Campaign Group ID

The unique identification number automatically applied to the Campaign Group once created.

Campaign Group Name

The naming convention of the Campaign Group applied by the Advertiser.

Daily Budget Limit

This is used to limit the daily spend of all Campaigns in that group. Once the Daily Budget Limit of a Campaign Group has been reached, all Campaigns in the group will stop receiving traffic for that day but will not be paused or expired.

Note: daily spend limits can also be set at individual Campaigns within the Campaign Group using the Campaign Daily Revenue Cap. The Campaign Group Daily Budget Limit overrides the Campaign Daily Revenue Cap (i.e. if the Daily Budget Limit is $100 and the Campaign Daily Revenue Cap is $200, the campaign will stop receiving traffic when the Daily Budget Limit of $100 has been spent).


This defines the status of the campaign as being either Live (receiving traffic) Paused (temporarily not receiving traffic due to a limit, like budget or time) Completed (not receiving traffic after reaching expiration date), in-active (currently not receiving traffic usually due to a lack of funds) or Awaiting (set to start in the future).

Conversion Tracking

Conversion Tracking enables you to monitor the performance of Campaigns. This is applied at the Campaign Group level and applies to all Campaigns within that group.

For further assistance in activating Conversion Tracking click  or submit a support ticket. 




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