Free Promotions

If the Advertiser's product is 'competition' related, the call to action must be clear and contain text that prompts the user to take action in order to be registered to win a prize. Banners stating that a user has already won or they need to claim their prize will not be accepted.

In addition, any text that states that the user has a certain amount of time to claim or click for their prize will be tagged as non-compliant.

Landing pages which automatically invoke a further pop-under or open a new window without the user clicking the site themselves, are not permitted under any circumstances and will be dealt with as click fraud.

If you work with an affiliate program where this user journey occurs, the Advertiser must notify the program of this. This functionality cannot exist on landing pages that the Advertiser sends traffic to, from Reporo's network.

Note: free promotions are permitted on all networks as long as the campaign is correctly categorised.

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