Compliance Team & Tools

Our Compliance Team

Reporo’s compliance team works with our Advertisers and Publishers to ensure we deliver clean ads/user journeys in accordance with our policies and T&Cs and ultimately run a network of high quality.

The team is lead by our Head of Compliance and Compliance Manager based in London HQ alongside tech support and a team of Compliance Moderators to offer around the clock support for our Publishers in different regions.

Contacting the Team

For any compliance related issues, questions or offence alerts please contact the team directly on rather than via your account manager. This alerts the whole Compliance Team so that we can offer you the fastest response and resolution.

Manual Compliance

Our trafficking team manually checks every banner URL that is entered in our system, using all the compliance tools available. This ensures products are being identified and tagged properly before going live in our network.

Provided information

When a banner and/or URLs are detected as non­-compliant we will provide the Advertiser with as much information as is available, which will be at least one of the following:

  • GeoEdge/PBWebMedia/RiskIQ report
  • Full trail of redirects (pop-unders/redirects) or banner click URL
  • Screenshots
  • Settings used when the non-compliant ad was served:
    • Device or user-agent
    • Timestamp  & timezone
    • Geolocation

Recommended Tool : Geo Edge

To manually verify that your geo-targeted campaigns and landing pages are compliant with Reporo’s policies, we highly recommend that you use the premium proxy tools from GeoEdge.

GeoEdge offers the world’s largest premium proxy network with more than 140 geo-locations and over 30 major mobile carriers. You can easily view, monitor, and QA your campaigns and site from a local user’s perspective, from any device to ensure that your geo-targeted content and ads provide an engaging user experience.

Contact compliance team to obtain a GEo Edge 12% discount rate offer for Reporo's advertisers on their premium proxy service.


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