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  • Overview
  • Publisher Compliance Setup
  • Compliance Team
  • Required Information
  • Compliance Tools & Partners
  • Compliance Policy & Content Restrictions

Reporo has a set of policies and procedures in place to restrict Advertisers from sending/using banners or landing pages that violate a user’s experience and/or mobile device. To protect our publishers from such malicious ads we have integrated various inhouse and external tools to detect offending advertisers in real time and immediately suspend their activity on our network.

The following document provides an introduction to our Compliance Team, our policies and our content restrictions which will assist you in completing our Publisher Compliance Setup form.

Publisher Compliance Setup
Email for better understanding of what you will and won’t allow on your sites so that we can ensure all relevant exclusions are in place on your account settings for the different networks (popunder, banner).

Our Compliance Team
Reporo’s compliance team works with our Publishers to ensure they receive clean ads/user journeys in accordance with their own policies and T&Cs and the ensure that malwares, scarewares and other unwanted user experiences are promptly detected and removed from the network.

The team is lead by our Head of Compliance based in London HQ alongside tech support and a growing team of Compliance Managers and Moderators to respond to the increasing industry compliance requirements offer around the clock support for our Publishers in different regions.

Contacting the Team
For any compliance related issues, questions or offence alerts,  for the fastest response and resolution please contact the team directly on rather than via your account manager. This alerts the whole Compliance Team and depending on your geo location or timezone the relevant member of the team will reach out to you to offer you prompt assistance.

Manual Compliance
Our trafficking team manually checks every banner URL that is entered in our system, using all internal and external compliance tools available. This ensures offers are being identified and correctly categorised before going live in our network. The team of compliance moderators will work around the clock to manually monitor publisher zones where required and carry out network sweeps to quickly identify the root of an issue and locate the corresponding banners and URLs to be disabled when a compliance policy is breached.

The Compliance Team

Contact the team:
The compliance team offers around the clock support, please

Required information for fastest resolutions
We endeavour to detect the corresponding campaigns which cause the issues you may experience, based on the information you provide us.

However, if we do have enough required information we will be unable to locate a corresponding campaign in our database. In redirect cases, the quickest way we can find the offending campaign(s) is if you could provide us with a redirect trail.

If there is no possible way for you to obtain this trail, we would then need to investigate this by looking into our click logs to find the click(s) which match with the user agent your users have tried and experienced the issue. This way, we should be able to pinpoint the offending campaign(s).

If you cannot provide a redirect trail for us, we need to know the following for when you have experienced the issue:

  • Useragent (i.e. the handset and the browser)
  • Device OS version
  • Timestamp when the issue occurred (including timezone)
  • Country
  • Website or the Zone ID where the offence has been served

For the quickest identification of the cause of the issue, please provide us with the following required information as soon and as detailed as possible:

  • GeoEdge/PBWebMedia/RiskIQ report
  • Full trail of redirects (pop-unders/redirects) or banner click URL
  • Settings used when the non-compliant ad was served:
    • Device or user-agent
    • Timestamp  & timezone
    • Geo location

Our Compliance Tools & Partners

Automated Compliance Tool
Reporo has built and developed its own internal compliance tool that scans the entire network throughout the day to detect malicious content and non-compliant ad formats on all traffic streams. These have been defined from our Publisher specifications and industry standards. We use multiple devices and countries origins to carry out our checks, as well as mirroring campaign targeting to identify the potential offenders. Non-compliant campaigns are paused in real-time by the compliance tool and full details are provided to the advertiser to resolve the issue.

Recommended Tool : Geo Edge
In order to further protect our publishers, we use the GeoEdge ad verification platform to guarantee a clean, safe, and engaging user experience. GeoEdge scans and captures all our campaigns and landing pages in real time, checking for malware, malicious codes, offensive ads and other non-compliance issues. Such in depth ad verification and malware protection allows us to ensure high ad quality and protects publisher’s end users. Combined with their premier proxy network, the GeoEdge tools allow us to view geo-targeted ads and validate global campaigns in order to deliver the best solution for our publishers.

We highly recommend that you use GeoEdge as your advertising security vendor. Then we can mirror your setup and ensure that your alerts are also sent directly to our compliance team. When any security issues and unwanted ads are detected, we will have them promptly removed from our network or blocked from your sites without any action on your part.

Our Compliance Policy & Content Restrictions
When Reporo detects a non-compliant campaign, either via our bot tool or an automated alert from GeoEdge analytics account, the campaign is immediately paused and the advertiser alerted to the offence.

If the issue occurs on the popunder network the compliance team will disable all popunder traffic of the offending advertiser until all campaigns have been manually checked for compliance. Only once the advertiser’s campaigns have been cleared for compliance and 24hr minimum pause period has been completed will their activity on the popunder network be resumed.

For our full content restrictions please, click here

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