Conversion Tracking Integration - Server to Server

Conversion tracking can be activated by your Reporo account manager (ask for “conversion string replace” to be selected) or by activating conversion tracking in your client dashboard.

To activate conversion tracking in your dashboard:

  1. Go to 'Campaigns' then 'Manage Campaigns'
  2. Click on the campaign group name you'd like to activate conversion tracking for.
  3. Next to 'Conversion Tracking' please select 'Server to Server Tracking using macro/placeholder {rcid} replacement in urls'

Quick Set Up

  1. Macro
    Our conversion tracking macro/placeholder is {rcid}

  2. Reporo Callback/Postback URL
    In order to register your conversions with us you will need to use our postback URL:{rcid}

    if you intend to track conversions for your CPA campaigns, please append the payout value to the post back URL ( in US Dollars ) as below:


Server to Server (S2S) Conversion Tracking Explanation

  1. Please ensure that your campaign URLs contain our placeholder/macro {rcid}.

    Similar to this:{rcid}

    OR you can use a different parameter, similar tthis:{rcid

  2. When your campaigns are live, our servers will start replacing {rcid} with a valid conversion token for the clicks you will receive.

    For example, the tokens will look similar to the below:

    OR, in some cases, similar to the below:

    Note: The length of the tokens are typically 50 - 110 characters long, however this can vary. Please make sure you haven't set any restriction on the number of characters your site can allow.

  3. For every successful conversion, you will need to dynamically append the conversion token to our postback URL and invoke it with a server to server HTTP GET request (Fig 1.a in the diagram below.).

    For example, the postback URLs, with the token appended, should look smilar to this:

  4. The postback calls should return a 200 OK response code with the plain text 'OK' in the body of the response to indicate success. When this happens, we will register exactly 1 conversion for your campaign/banner.

    Return code 500 Error with plain text 'FAILURE' indicates that a problem occurred. When this happens, we will not register that conversion.


For Conversion Tracking Integration with Voluum and iMobiTrax click  

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. “I have implemented the Reporo postback URL on my site, however I'm not seeing any conversions on Reporo Dashboard”

    This could happen due to the following reasons:
    Please check the response you get from our server. If you get “200 OK” from with a blank GIF image in the body of the response, it most likely means you've used HTTP POST. HTTP GET should be used to invoke our postback URL.

    If you get “500 Error” from our server, it means you're not passing our rcid conversion token properly from your campaign URL to our postback URL. The token may have got truncated / altered during the process causing the token to be invalid, or you may not be appending the token at all.

  2. “I am seeing Reporo tracking a lot more conversions (for example, 50% more) than the number of conversions we are tracking myself”

    This happens because you're invoking our postback URL multiple times for every successful conversion process. Every time our postback URL gets invoked successfully, we will register 1 conversion. We suggest you to check your pages to ensure you haven't integrated our postback URL several times, and also look for any possibilities of it being accidentally invoked.

  3. “I have created my campaigns with the URLs containing the macro {rcid}, however I am not getting any actual tokens. I only get the text {rcid} with all the clicks”

    This is because conversion tracking has not been activated for the corresponding campaign group. Please send a ticket to Reporo to activate it for you.

  4. “Some of the conversion tokens look exactly the same” 

    This is normal because we generate the tokens based on the traffic source / campaign ID / banner ID and other information. You can get several conversions on the same source / campaign ID / banner ID , in which case the token used to register that conversion would be the same.

If none of the above resolves your issue, please send a support ticket from your client dashboard. 

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