Compliance Policy

Mobads Compliance Policy

Mobads has a set of procedures, processes and systems in place to ensure Publishers and Advertisers comply with our rules and regulations, however it is the Advertiser's responsibility to ensure they submit compliant assets. It is in the Advertiser’s best interest to supply us with a compliant creative in order to avoid their campaign’s being pulled from our network. Campaign/banner/URL approval or rejection remains solely at Mobads discretion.

When Mobads detects a non-compliant campaign the campaign is immediately paused and the advertiser alerted to the offence.

If the issue occurs on the popunder network the compliance team will disable all popunder traffic of the offending advertiser until all campaigns have been manually checked for compliance. Only once the advertiser’s campaigns have been cleared for compliance and 24hr minimum pause period has been completed will their activity on the popunder network be resumed.

For full details, please review our Advertiser Terms & Conditions and Content Restrictions.

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