Traffic Market ( Zone selection )



Traffic Market is a new functionality available in the Reporo Client Dashboard that allows advertisers to set up a whitelist of zone specific targeting for individual campaigns.

Note: This functionality can only be applied to new campaigns that are created via the Traffic Market tab, for the time being existing campaigns will not be available for this feature.

To use this functionality follow these simple steps:

1. Login to the Reporo Client Dashboard

2. Select the Traffic Market Tab

This will give you a selection of source networks (Banner, Popunder, Pop Exchange) 


3. Pick your source and continue. You will now have the option to search and select zones that you would like to specifically target for the new campaign you will create. 

Note: There in no limit on how many zones you select. 


Once you have selected your desire targeted zones continue to create your campaign.

You will have the option to "choose an existing campaign group" or "Create a new one"  


You can continue to create your campaign as you would from hear on. For more information on how to create a campaign, click  

4. Once you have created your campaign you will see the "Traffic Target" tab available to you. You now have the ability to add and remove zones which you would like to target for this campaign.  



Note : Each campaign that is created using the "Traffic Market" feature will be indicated by a target symbol  Selection_832.png
This will easily allow you to identify all your campaigns which are targeting selected only zones.








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