Integration troubleshooting & improving CTR

If you are experiencing integration issues with your zones you may find one or more of the following statements below helpful in resolving the integration issue.  

1. Check that each zone has been integrated once per page

When the same zone has been integrated multiple times per page, the same zone will be requested multiple times generating multiple impressions. Please integrate each zone once per page.

The zone has been integrated, however the banner itself has been hidden.

If you do not wish to display the zone on the page, please remove the integration code completely rather than hiding the banner on the page. Hiding the banner rather than removing the code will still generate impressions on the page.

API Integration only - Do not generate an impression if you do not wish to display the zone on the page.

If you’re using API integration, please make one API request for each zone per page. The API call will return details of the ad along with a banner URL like below (this is just an example, do not attempt to use this URL):


Every time above (or similar) banner URL gets invoked, the banner will get loaded and we will count exactly 1 impression.

Check that clicking on a banner redirects to an advertiser landing page. If it redirects to then there is a potential integration issue.

This is especially common when using the API integration. When using the API integration, please ensure that the REMOTE_IP / IP address of the gateway been passed to the API request. If this happens when using the Javascript code, please contact support.

5. The zone placed at the very bottom of the page which can only be seen after scrolling the page a lot.

If the zone has been placed at the bottom of the page, and that the user will need to scroll the page a lot in order to see the footer zone, then it’s likely that the CTR of this zone will be poor.

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