Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)


Q - What type of offers do you accept on CPA?
A - 
We accept all types of offers but the ones that work very well are

  • High converting
  • Carrier Billed Video On Demand & Game Offers
  • Dating CPL
  • App installs
  • Anything that would work well on Popunder or redirect traffic

Q - How much of our traffic is available on CPA?
A - Around 30% of our traffic is available on CPA, the remaining 70% is available on CPC Pop Under & Pop Exchange and CPM Banner.

Q - What type of traffic is available on CPA?
A - Currently CPA is only available on our Pop Under traffic.

Q - How much should I pay on CPA?
A - Provide us the very maximum payout you can afford as our algorithm will convert your CPA into a eCPC and we deliver 90% of the traffic to the offer with the highest eCPC. This way you will have the best chance of receiving maximum conversions.

Q - How do I integrate on CPA?
A - Simply integrate using our callback URLs here{your_Clickid}&rpo={your_USD_Payout}

Q - Can I run CPA and CPM/CPC?

A - Absolutely we encourage you to run all models to access 100% of our traffic.
Banner = CPM
Pop Under = CPC
Pop Exchange = CPC

Q  - Why can't my offer be run CPA?
A - If we can’t run your offer on CPA, it’s probably because our team believe your offer would work better on our CPC and CPM traffic.

Q - How do I get more traffic on CPA?
A - Our traffic is distributed based on highest eCPC so the only way to get more traffic on CPA is to increase your CPA (this is why we ask for maximum payout to begin with). Also you can get more traffic buying on CPC & CPM


Q - How do we set up campaigns on CPA?
A - Simply contact, please provide in depth details of your offer, we will then create your campaign for you on your behalf within special CPA campaign groups. 


Q - What information do we need on your CPA offer?
A -

  • Targeting (best device, carrier, browser, time etc)
  • Caps (do you have a conversion or spend cap)
  • Flow (how does the user convert? 1 click subscription, app install, email subscription)
  • Screenshots


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