Switching Dashboards

You can easily switch be between your Reporo (Adult Network) and Mobads (Mainstream Network) dashboard with a simple click, with all functionality mirrored on both dashboards. 

Note : Our Mainstream Network is strictly non adult. 


Account funds will be shared on an account level. If you allocate funds to a campaign on the Reporo dashboard you will see a deduction in the available funds when switching to the Mobads platform. It is important to note the if you wish to transfer funds from a campaign running on the Reporo Network to the Mobads Network, you must first re-allocate your funds back to your available funds.  
If you are unsure how to re-allocate funds click find-out-more-bt.png  for more support guides.  

For more information on the content restrictions please see the our compliance policy guidelines below. or email us at support@reporo.com 

Reporo - Content level Guide find-out-more-bt.png

Mobads - Content level Guide find-out-more-bt.png 






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